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PrizeRebel Review – Nothing To Get Excited About

Are you interested in finding ways to make extra money in your spare time? Take a look at this PrizeRebel review to see why it’s only an average earner, but still worth considering.

prizerebel review

10-second review

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

The surveys are average paying at best. But it can become frustrating when you don’t qualify for many of the surveys. You can make a decent income if you can convince friends to join though.

PrizeRebel review

I’ve just had a quick count-up and I have now passed 30 survey site reviews. Actually, that’s fewer than I thought, but that’s mainly because I spend a few months on each survey site so I can get a good feel for them. So I’m sure you can tell, I spend a lot of my life completing surveys!

I came across PrizeRebel from another blogger’s list as I searched for survey sites that I hadn’t yet used. And a quick google search found plenty of reviews, all mainly positive.

Although it should, positive reviews don’t fill me with confidence. Because in my search, I also found out that PrizeRebel offers commission if bloggers and review sites can convince new customers to join. Unfortunately, that means that you’ll always find positive reviews as people are desperate to earn a commission.

What is PrizeRebel?

PrizeRebel is a survey site that rewards you with points for sharing your opinion. You can then trade these points for gift cards or cash into PayPal.

But surveys aren’t the only way to earn. You can gain extra points by completing offers such as downloading apps, signing-up to trials and watching videos.

Although the site is aimed primarily at residents from USA, UK, Australia and Canada, anybody is allowed to join.

Is PrizeRebel safe?

PrizeRebel is operated by iAngelic, Inc, a company based in Nevada, USA that has been operating since 2007. Importantly, the site has an up-to-date privacy policy with company contact details provided.

The information PrizeRebel collects from you is then passed (well, sold) to other companies for market research.

The good

PrizeRebel has a quick joining process and you’ll be earning in no time at all. There are plenty of surveys available, so it’s great for people who have a lot of free time.

Having the option to earn extra points from offers is always a bonus. For example, you can download a game, reach a certain level and get paid for it. Or, you can take out a free trial and earn money just for receiving a free product.

The more effort you put in with PrizeRebel, the more you get back. There is a grading system of Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. You improve your grading as you earn points, which means bigger rewards, cheaper gift cards, instant gift card processing and more points from referrals.

prizerebel bonus scheme

The bad

There is one thing that I generally hate when it comes to survey sites and unfortunately, PrizeRebel does it.

You will click on a survey that says it pays 30 points for 5 minutes and you’ll start answering a few simple questions. Then, you’ll find you don’t qualify and you’re taken to another survey to restart the process. And you’ll keep going until you find a survey you can complete. But, this new survey may take 10 or 15 minutes for the same reward.

As with any site that offers to give you rewards for watching videos, it’s just not worth it. The points are minuscule and it would take a couple of days of watching and clicking through for you to actually earn anything.

Earning extra

There are a few ways to earn even more points with PrizeRebel.

Referral scheme

Convince friends and family to join and you’ll receive a commission from their earnings.

Daily challenges

Complete a task set by PrizeRebel (such as earn a certain number of points) and you’ll be rewarded with bonus points. Do this 5 days in a row and you’ll be rewarded with a further bonus.


PrizeRebel also publishes leaderboards for top performers in surveys, offers and referrals. If you reach the top, you can win further prizes.

How much can you make on PrizeRebel?

When you have enough points, you can either swap them for PayPal or a gift card. Once you make a payment request, it usually takes around 2 days to arrive, but sometimes quicker.

How much you make really depends on how much effort you want to put in. If you wanted to, I’m sure it would be possible to make £25 per week.

Expected pay per hour £5.

Raffles and lucky numbers

If you don’t fancy swapping your points for gift cards or PayPal, you can chance your arm and try to win prizes instead. Actually, the prizes are just gift cards too, but you only need a handful of points to enter. It really depends on how lucky you feel.

My PrizeRebel review conclusion

It’s a little hard to get excited about this survey site and I would call it average at best. But, if you’re willing to reach the Diamond level, you’ll earn more and could make a very good living from referrals.

This is a site to give a go and see how you get it on. Click on the button below to find out more.

Alternatively, if my PrizeRebel review hasn’t convinced you, why not take a look at my top 10 paid survey sites?

Please note that this post contains affiliate links.


Is PrizeRebel legitimate?

Yes, PrizeRebel is an established site that provides PayPal and gift cards to its users.

How do you get points on PrizeRebel fast?

The quickest way to earn points is by referring your friends. That way, you earn when they do.

How long does PrizeRebel take to approve prizes?

It usually takes 24 for PrizeRebel to process your claim. If you are gold level or above, it can be a matter of a few minutes.

Is PrizeRebel worth it?

This isn’t a terrible survey site by any means, but there are better alternatives out there. But most survey sites are worth trying to see how well you get along with them.

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