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Looking to make a little extra money from your phone? Then take a look at this cashKarma review to see why you should keep on looking.

I seem to spend my life disappointed. It started early on with my grades at school, then on to my chosen career and more recently the final episode of Game of Thrones. Fortunately for me, cashKarma didn’t let me down in the disappointed steaks. I stumbled across cashKarma from another survey site that offered me a reward for signing up. That was my first warning sign, but I persevered anyhow.

Who is cashKarma?

Earn rewards by completing surveys and more. The only reward app that lets you earn rewards even if you don’t qualify for the survey.

Now, that’s not a good start. I have used AttaPoll and Curious Cat, both of which reward you if you don’t qualify for a survey.

The good

Surveys are not the only way for you to earn from cashKarma. There are opportunities to earn by downloading apps and completing certain tasks, which could involve reaching a level in a game or filling in your details. Or, you can earn points by watching videos.

You can also earn badges, which will reward you with points. For example, check in to the app 50 times (each check-in is worth 5 points and can be completed daily) and you can earn a bonus 250 points.

If you’re screened out of a survey you earn 25 points.

There is also a referral scheme. You will earn 300 points for any friend you convince to join and 10% of any of their future earnings. It is possible you could lose a friend though after they spend 10 minutes on the app.

cashkarma review

The bad

Generally, everything is poorly paid from cashKarma. Videos just aren’t worth bothering with. A 30-second clip will earn you 1 point. You will need to watch a total of 13500 videos before reaching $10. As I had nothing better to, I worked out that it would take almost 5 days of continuous play before reaching your $10. And considering you have to start and stop videos, that’s a lot of effort.

The rewards for downloading apps aren’t great either. The Make Money app offers almost the same list and gives better value.

And the money earned from surveys is pretty insulting. And that’s as long as you can actually complete any. The majority that I tried, I ended up being screened out of. As I always say with survey sites, you shouldn’t have to spend 15 minutes trying to find a questionnaire you can complete.

The money

On average, a 10-minute survey is worth 150 points. To reach that magic $10 mark (or about £7.80), you will need to complete 90 surveys before you reach 13500 points. That is 15 hours work or just over 50 pence per hour.

Ok, so there are other ways to boost your earnings, but not substantially so as to make cashKarma worthwhile.

If you do ever earn enough points, you can withdraw cash via PayPal or vouchers in the form of Amazon, iTunes or Google Play.

Expected pay per hour: £2

My cashKarma review conclusion

Unfortunately, there aren’t any redeeming features for me to recommend this site. They must keep going because their users aren’t aware that there are far better alternatives out there. In fact, this is probably the lowest-paid survey site I have ever visited.

If you have taken no note of my review, I’m going to leave a joining button below. Please note that it is a referral link. So not only will I earn Karma points, I can laugh at you for joining and completely ignoring me.

Join cashKarma >>

But hopefully my cashKarma review has put you off, so why not take a look at my top paying survey sites instead?

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