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How can you tell if you’re paying far too much for your bills? Ismybillfair is a site that can help you see if you’ve got a bargain or if it’s time to start searching for a better deal.

Do you ever wonder if you pay too much for your bills? The problem is, chat with your friends and they will tell you a whole range of prices they pay. You might be paying £30 per month for broadband when your best friend could be paying £40. You think you have a bargain, only to find out that they have a much quicker service with TV channels thrown in. The issue is, it becomes very difficult to compare like-for-like.

This is where ismybillfair steps in. This site allows you to see how much, on average, 1000’s of other people pay across the UK.

Who isismybillfair?

Taken from their website:

We’re all about fairness. We created ismybillfair to help people like you pay a fairer price for household bills without having to change provider (although we can help with that too if you want)

Some brands charge people different prices for the same service. We don’t think that’s fair. We believe customers should pay similar prices for similar services and we’re the only website in the UK able to make that happen.

Which bills are covered?

At the moment they cover Energy, SIM-only deals, Home Phone, Broadband and TV, Car Breakdown Cover, Home and Boiler cover.

How does it work?

It’s a very simple process. Head over to the ismybilfair website and choose which bill you want to compare.

Click on the icon and enter as much information as you have.

For example, if you’re checking out SIM only deals, you will need to input the number of free minutes, texts and data you receive. You will then have to put in how much you pay each month and then ismybillfair will tell you how you compare to others.

This graph is a comparison with other Vodafone customers for my SIM only deal.

As you can see, I pay £8.75 per month. On average, other Vodafone customers pay £16 per month and the highest is £20.

That’s good news for me as I pay far less than others for my SIM only deal (thanks to a special offer I had from TalkMobile before they stopped operating)!

The good points

This really is useful in giving you a good idea of whether your provider is giving you a good deal or not. And if you want to stay with your current company, it will give you a price to aim at when it comes to negotiating a new contract.

The bad points

The site is limited to the data that’s provided by us, the customer and there’s nothing to verify whether it’s accurate or not. As far as I’m aware, there is nothing to stop me inputting that I pay just £1 per month for my SIM only contract. If enough people do this, it could skew the figures.

Does it work?

I decided to head to the energy section to see how well the site works. Afterall, it’s one of the biggest bills we pay outside of our mortgage.

There are a few problems when it comes to energy suppliers. My current supplier is Bulb energy (who offer some very good deals) but they aren’t listed on ismybillfair. This is a little odd, as although they aren’t one of the “Big 6” suppliers, they have been about for several years. This means I can’t see if my deal should be cheaper.

Not to be defeated, I entered all my details such as the number of bedrooms and people in the house and used First Utility as my provider (I switched from them 2 months before). I wrote down that I paid £80 per month for my bill, which seemed to confuse ismybillfair. Apparently, the previous lowest monthly bill similar to the details I provided was for £125 and the average, £155! There is no way that there could be such a price difference.

The problem with the energy price comparison is that it is all based on estimates. It’s all very well saying how many people live in a house, but it is possible that a couple that works from home all day, use more energy compared to a family of 5 who works away or attend school every day.

Some other benefits

When you see a price comparison on certain bills (such as breakdown cover) ismybillfair doesn’t just show you deals available from other providers. If you would like them to, they can send your account details to your current provider and challenge them to offer you a better deal. This could see you save money without having to phone your supplier yourself.

Is ismybillfair worth it?

This is certainly a site worth checking out. As I said above, I’m not convinced about how accurate it is but it’s a useful indicator. Plus, its tools could help you save on some of your bills.

Take a look at the ismybillfair website.




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  1. I could not get bulb up as my energy provider when I tried to check if my bill was fair so could not go ahead thanks Eilee Waterman

    1. Post

      Hi Eileen. Unfortunately I’m with Bulb too so I’m in the same boat. A little surprising as they have a lot of customers. Fingers crossed they are added soon.

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