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SnapMyEats Review – Another Receipt Scanning App

How would you like to earn a bit extra from taking photos of your receipts? Well, take a look at this SnapMyEats review to see how much you can earn and whether it’s worthwhile.

snapmyeats review

For years, receipts annoyed me. Unless I was buying something expensive, what was the point of them? Apart from spending the day in my wallet and then ending up in the recycling bin, they were pointless. However, when I found out that I could actually earn money from them, I changed my mind.

I am now getting strange looks from cashiers when I actually have to ask for a receipt after I’ve purchased a pack of Chewits.

There are now plenty of options for companies that offer you rewards when you send them pictures of your receipts. Some are better than others, but today I am looking at SnapMyEats.

snapmyeats earnings

Who is SnapMyEats?

Taken from their website:

SnapMyEats is an easy to use app where you can earn great rewards just for taking surveys and snapping pictures of receipts from your food and drink purchases. This includes things like a snack or coffee on the go, fast food, restaurant meals, or even an impulse candy purchase.

Despite using the term “candy”, SnapMyEats is an app for UK consumers. As you might have guessed though, it is run by an American company called The NPD Group. Founded back in 1966, this is a market research company based in New York. So no real worries about this being from a legitimate company.

How does SnapMyEats work?

SnapMyEats is a little choosier compared to some other companies when it comes to receipts they’re after. All they want are pictures of receipts with food and drink purchases. Although, I should have known as there is a clue in the name.

Once you’ve made a purchase, take a photo of the receipt. You’ll then be asked the name of the shop and how many adults and children the food is for. There are also tick boxes for how you ordered (such as in-store or via an app) and where you ate your food.

And that’s it.


SnapMyEats has recently added the opportunity for you to submit your e-receipts. So when you order from the likes of Domino’s or other food delivery places, just take a screenshot of your online receipt and submit it through the app.

The good

This is a very quick process. Once you’ve completed your 1st photo and understand how it works, it should only take you 30 seconds every time you snap a new receipt.

For every 5 photos you take, you earn a £1 voucher, up to a maximum of £5 per month.

Snap enough receipts and it’s an easy £10 every 2 months or £60 per year.

Snapmyeats app

Although you will only be paid for the first 25 receipts you send in each month, you can win prizes if you submit more. Take photos of 16 or more receipts and you can win one of 5 £100 Amazon vouchers every month. And each extra photo will gain you another entry into the prize draw.

The bad

You can only take one photo of a receipt. That means if it’s double-sided (like Sainsbury’s) or an A4 receipt (Tesco online), you won’t be able to submit all the details and you won’t receive a reward. This is the same for your e-receipts. If you can’t get all the details on one screenshot, you won’t get paid.

It takes a few days for SnapMyEats to review your receipt. That means you should really hold onto them until they’re happy with it and your receipt is confirmed.

How much can you earn from SnapMyEats?

SnapMyEats pays out using something called the Virtual Reward Center. Once you reach £10 on your SnapMyEats account, make a claim and you should receive an email instantly.

Through this email, you can convert your reward into a gift voucher. Currently, vouchers include Amazon, Cost, Greene King, Tesco, Virgin, and Google Play.

It’s difficult to calculate the pay with this kind of app, but expect to earn in the region of £15 per hour.

My SnapMyEats review conclusion

This is another decent receipt scanning app you should sign-up to. Yes, the number of receipts you can scan is slightly limited, but £1 for five receipts is great value.

As always, combine this with other receipt apps and you can earn a decent return every month.

Find out more about SnapMyEats and download the app for Apple or Android.

If this SnapMyEats review has interested you, why not take a look at the best receipt scanning apps?

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