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Testable Minds Review. A Rival To Prolific?

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Looking for a survey site that pays well and is slightly different? Take a look at this Testable Minds review to see how much you can expect to earn.

I’ll be honest, even though taking surveys is fairly easy money, it isn’t always interesting. Sometimes you will answer questions on a particular brand and then answer several more, that although worded slightly differently, mean exactly the same thing. Then you are asked the same questions on a rival brand. And another, until you start to lose the will to live.

On my search for bigger and better survey sites, I stumbled across Testable Minds which has the tagline “lend your mind to science.” Which I decided to do, although I am a little worried about how desperate science has become if they need mine.

Who is Testable Minds?

Taken from their website

Testable Minds is a new platform where researchers from the world’s most prestigious universities will recruit participants for their psychological and behavioral experiments. You now have the opportunity to contribute to our quest to understand how the mind works and make some money on the way.

From the research I have made, it appears that Testable is based in Romania. Any complaints with regards to personal data needs to go through Romania’s National Supervisory Authority. Plus, the majority of their core team have Romanian names.

Most of their academic advisors are based in the UK, USA, New Zealand and Australia.

The good

It’s nice to have surveys that are a little different and many are genuinely interesting. The pay is also fairly generous too. Another plus point is that the payment threshold is quite low to withdraw your earnings.

If you are a verified mind (which requires you to scan and send a copy of official picture ID), the minimum stands at only $10. Verified minds are also sent a free Revolut card which will normally cost around £5. This is a prepaid credit card that comes with great benefits if you’re travelling abroad.

If you don’t want to withdraw through Revolut, you can use PayPal or a transfer direct to your bank.

Testable Minds also gives you the option to turn on notifications if a new survey appears on their site. That means you get a little pop-up appear on your screen once in a while.

Testable minds review

The bad

Unfortunately, there aren’t many survey opportunities. In fact, I joined in April and only reached $10 in October. That is partly my fault as I don’t check it as often as other survey sites, but I didn’t receive many notifications. A lot of the studies only have 20 or 30 spaces available, so they fill up quite quickly.

If you fancy being paid by PayPal, you will have to pay fees.

The money

Because surveys are set by different people, it means the rewards that are on offer differ too. Plus, you are paid in $ too, so the exchange rate can affect how much you earn. Expect to earn around $9 (roughly £7) per hour.

testable minds earnings

My Testable Minds review conclusion

I like this site but it could do with far more surveys. It’s worth joining and you really need to turn on notifications. However, it’s not as good as Prolific Academic which pays more and has more surveys.

And a little tip. If there is an option for Testable to send you notifications when a new survey is available, accept it. Otherwise, you could miss out on a chance to earn far more.

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Update – January 2020. Unfortunately, the last few months have been very scarce for me for surveys on Testable Minds. Although there seem to be plenty available, I don’t seem to qualify.

*Please note that this post contains an affiliate link. All views are my own.

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