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IntelliZoom review: Earn from testing websites

How would you like to earn an extra income from home? Then, testing websites can be a great option. But is IntelliZoom worth trying or is it a site to ignore? Let’s take a look at how it works, how much you can earn and why I think you should join.

IntelliZoom summary

This really is a decent-earning website. But to earn the top money, you need to be willing to record yourself speaking. The downside is the amount of work from IntelliZoom seems to have slowed down a little recently.

– Pete Chatfield

IntelliZoom review home
Number of jobs
Average task difficulty
Average task duration
Payment process

Pros and cons:

✅ Pays well – often more than £20 per hour
✅ No minimum cashout; you’re paid for each task
✅ Tests are quite interesting

❌ There can be a lack of work
❌ Payment can take up to 30 days
❌ If work is rejected, you’ll never know why



I have signed up for countless survey sites over the last few years. And I’m still searching for the best way to make some extra in my free time. Although surveys great way to earn a bit of extra money, they can be a little tedious at times.

IntelliZoom offers a slightly different way to make money without taking up too much of your time. The great thing is, you don’t need to be technically minded and you just have to follow simple instructions.

What is IntelliZoom?

IntelliZoom helps companies to connect with members of the public to test their websites. This allows them to see what works well (and not so well) when used in the real world. For sharing their thoughts, IntelliZoom users are given cash

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Is IntelliZoom safe?

IntelliZoom is owned by UserZoom an American company based in California. They also have offices in Denver, London, Manchester and two in Spain. IntelliZoom was previously known as WhatUsersDo, until it was acquired by UserZoom.

UserZoom is a legitimate company and they also pay very well! I have been using them for over two years without any issues. You will have to download the UserZoom Survey tool before starting.

How does IntelliZoom work?

It will take you just a few minutes to join. All you need to do is complete a few profile questions and confirm your email address.

If you want to earn more money, and you’re confident enough to record yourself on camera, there is a test you can complete that will give you access to better-paying ‘think out loud surveys’. The test isn’t difficult and should only take 10-15 minutes.

When done, you’ll receive an email when a new task is ready for you to complete. If you accidentally delete the email, don’t worry; available tasks can also be found in your account on the site.

You’ll be told how much the task pays and the type of device you’ll need to complete it from. Some are only suitable for mobiles, whilst others are aimed towards computer and tablet users.

There are three types of task you can complete:

  • $2 tasks – these tasks require you to do a quick test of a website. These can be gambling sites, travel sites or major online stores. You can be asked to find all manner of things, such as how to deposit into an account, where to see previous orders or how to book a service. Some are done by clicking on parts of the website, whilst other tests may ask you to share your thoughts by typing answers to questions.
  • $5 card sorting – here, you will be given a list of words, and your task is to sort them into relevant categories. Sometimes, these categories are already provided for you or you choose them yourself. The number of words you receive can be anything between 5 and 50.
  • $8 think out loud tasks – these work similarly to the $2 tasks, except that you are asked to speak out loud about your actions. Occasionally, you may be asked to film your face, but this is rare. Although most of your work will be spoken, you may be asked to write down some of your answers too. To complete these jobs, you must download the UserZoom Survey tool (see below).

Once you have completed a task, you’ll receive a confirmation email and a completion code.

Be warned though, just because you have received an invite, it doesn’t mean you qualify for a task. You’ll often be asked a few screener questions before you start, as IntelliZoom may be looking for users of particular products.

And be quick. Tasks fill up quickly and it’s a case of first come-first served.

IntelliZoom payment

What is the UserZoom Survey tool?

Because the IntelliZoom Panel isn’t like any other survey app, they will need to monitor how you interact with a website and/or record your thoughts. To do this, you must download the UserZoom extension to your web browser or the app to your phone. Fortunately, you’ll find that the extension and app only use a small amount of storage.

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Any downsides?

UserZoom does not show you a record of the tasks you have tried or completed. The only way for you to keep track of your expected payments is through the emails they send you. A minor inconvenience, but annoying, still the same.

How much can you earn from IntelliZoom?

On average, you earn $2 for each 10-minute survey. That works out at $12 per hour (or around £9.50). However, I find that most surveys take under 10 minutes to complete, with some closer to 5.

The $8 surveys last for a maximum of 15 minutes, so that’s a slightly more impressive $32 per hour.

The card sorting surveys pay $5 and take around 10 minutes to complete.

I estimate the pay per hour to be around £15-20. Of course, as you are paid in dollars, this depends partly on the exchange rate when you withdraw your money from PayPal.

How long does it take for you to receive payment?

Payments are slower than I would like and usually take 21 business days to reach you. However, I have had payment take a few days longer. Payment is made using PayPal.

Confirmation from IntelliZoom

What other people say

Usually, you can get a general indicator of how good a survey site is over at Trustpilot. But in this case, there are too few reviews actually to determine anything useful!

When reading other blog reviews, please remember that IntelliZoom doesn’t offer a referral incentive or an affiliate scheme. That means there is little benefit to bloggers promoting IntelliZoom. If they give it a negative review, it may be because they’re trying to point you toward a site that will earn them a commission.

My IntelliZoom review conclusion

I really like this site. The money is good and the tasks are quite enjoyable. No, it won’t make you a fortune but you should be able to make £40+ per month with minimal effort.

It can be frustrating as the surveys tend to fill up quite quickly, and you can be screened out in the early stages. Plus, the number of tasks I receive has dried up quite a bit. I used to receive several per week, but now I’m lucky to see one per week. But this could be because of my profile.

But combined with other website testing companies, it still gives me a decent extra income.

IntelliZoom alternatives

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Is IntelliZoom legit?

Yes it is. This is an established website that has been operating for many years. They have countless positive reviews across the web and pay out without issues.

What is WhatUsersDo now called?

WhatUsersDo has changed its name to IntelliZoom.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.