Shoppix Review – Getting Paid For Your Receipts

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shoppix review

What if I told you that you could earn money by just taking photos of your receipts? Is it really that simple and how much can you really expect to earn? Take a look at this Shoppix review to find out more.

I’ll be honest, receipts annoy me. I often find them dotted around my house in the most unusual of places, or I’ll open my car door to see one blow down the road. I’ll chase it for 10 minutes, only to find out that it was for a pack of Tic Tacs that I bought in 2011. But then my week old kettle goes on the blink and can I find the receipt? Of course not. But then I found out about an app called Shoppix which meant you could earn from taking photos of your receipts. Finally, a decent use for them!

When I first stumbled across the Shoppix app, I struggled to get excited. Some of you may have read my review on a similar app called Receipt Hog. I found it an absolute pain to use and worked out it would take me 6 months to reach £5. But I love to make money so I thought I would give Shoppix a fair chance.

How does Shoppix work?

Open the app, click the camera button and take a photo of the receipt. As long as it’s valid and not blurry, you’ll receive points. No matter the value of the receipt, you will receive 25 points plus an extra 5 points if you submit it the same day you make the purchase. Build up enough points and they can be exchanged for PayPal, Amazon, Love2shop or iTunes vouchers. These don’t have to be your receipts though, they can belong to anybody else that lives in your household.

Taken from the Shoppix site:

A valid receipt covers goods or services you or your household have paid for within the UK (not an invoice, bill or statement). It must be the itemised receipt and not the card receipt. Please note we do not approve train or bus tickets. The receipt must be printed (not hand-written) and unmodified with all the following key elements clearly visible:

The shop/service provider

Date (which must be within the last 7 days)

The individual items or services paid for and the total price paid.

The good

Unlike other similar apps, Shoppix is available for both Apple and Android devices. Signing up takes just a few minutes and you’re ready to start snapping. The app works brilliantly. It’s very easy to take a photo and not one of the dozens that I submitted came out blurry. And, unlike its rivals, there is also an option to take photos of A4 receipts. As a regular online shopper at Tesco, this makes life much easier.

You can also earn extra points by completing very short surveys, plus you earn scratchcards which can earn you even more points. You can also gain entries into prize draws, which could see you win as many as 10,000 tokens (worth just under £20).

shoppix review

There is also a referral scheme which means you can earn 200 points for every friend you get to sign up.

The bad

You can only submit one receipt per retailer each day. But then, how often do you get more than one receipt from a shop anyway?

Shoppix does say that there is no cap on how many receipts you can send in per week. But they also go on to say that you will only receive points for the first 30 receipts you send every week. To me, that sounds like a cap as why send in receipts for no reward?

There’s not much you can do if your receipt is rejected by Shoppix. Yes, you can challenge a rejection, but your receipt will probably end up being rejected again. There is no way of speaking to them about specific receipts.

The money

How much you earn purely depends on how often you spend. Between myself and my wife, Iwe were submitting between 10-15 receipts per week and it took just over 6 weeks before reaching  £5. It’s very difficult to estimate the time spent using the app in total, but I would guess it was around an hours work including taking snaps and completing surveys. With this in mind, expect to earn around £5 per hour.

When I claimed my £5 Amazon voucher, it took just under a day before it reached my email account.

My Shoppix review conclusion

I really like Shoppix. I usually wouldn’t bother recommending an app that would earn you just £5 over 2 months but this one is very easy to use and takes little effort. After a while, I found that I was taking photos of my receipts out of habit and it took seconds. Small amounts can make a big difference over the long-term.

And why not combine it with Shopprize, another receipt app and you could double your earnings.

Download the app for Apple

Download the app for Android

Use the code  7IRN5UVK when you sign up and we both receive 200 points.


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