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MobileXpression Review – Get Paid to Use Your Phone

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Interested in getting paid just to use your phone? Well, take a look at this MobileXpression review to see how you could earn a £5 Amazon voucher in just one week.

76% of adults in the UK own a mobile. And the good news is that means over ¾ of us have the chance to earn money from our phone!

Usually, earning money requires effort. Now you may think of me as lazy, but when I found you could earn rewards without actually doing anything, I jumped at the chance. There are several companies out there who will reward you for downloading their software to your phone or tablet. I decided to give it a try with MobileXpression

Who is MobileXpression?

MobileXpression is a market research panel that studies people’s behaviour with their phones. They look at where people spend their time surfing and what applications they use.

The software is owned by VoiceFive, a company based in Delaware, USA.

VoiceFive, a Comscore, Inc. company, is a leading global market research company that studies and reports on Internet trends and behavior.

Getting started

All you need to do is install research software onto your phone and away you go. The software solely monitors internet usage and not phone calls. This is done by using a virtual private network (VPN). Information taken about your usage is passed onto research companies, but this information does not contain any personal details.

mobilexpression review

MobileXpression claims that their software should have no impact on your mobile device’s performance or the speed of your internet.

As I’ve already said, after one week’s use, you will qualify for a £5 Amazon voucher. Although the rewards aren’t so good for the following weeks, you will qualify for extra credits which can be exchanged for further rewards. You will also occasionally be sent optional surveys, which allow you to earn even more credits. And if you stay for 90 days, they will donate a tree through their Trees for Knowledge program.

Which devices does it work on?

MobileXpression will work on almost any smartphone. Once you visit their site, a simple scan will tell you if your device is compatible. However, it doesn’t have to be just a phone. You can also install it on a tablet or Ipad.

Is Mobilexpression safe?

The company has been running for over eight years. I joined MobileXpression last year for two months but left as it became harder to earn rewards, although I never had any security issues related issues either.

I did find that some of my banking apps did not like the software and failed to load when it was turned on but it worked with others. You can turn the VPN off if needed. Without any insider knowledge, I can’t guarantee that your information is kept safe, but then with the likes of TalkTalk and Yahoo being hacked over the last couple of years, I don’t think our data is particularly safe anywhere.

My MobileXpression review conclusion

There are reports across the internet that state MobileXpression is a scam and I know some people have had some warnings from their anti-virus software when using the app. I can only speak from personal experience but didn’t have any problems and my voucher was paid out quickly. Money Saving Expert has a thread about the ups and downs of being a member.

I think £5 for a week is great value. However, after that, the returns aren’t so good. I also found that the software could occasionally slow down my phone’s internet connection, which could be frustrating. This is free money, but I removed the software from my phone to try alternative ways to make money. Please note that the £5 offer isn’t always available, so check before you join.

If you want to know more or would like to sign up, then follow the banner below.


Or take a look at other ways of earning money.

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