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Pete’s Complete List Of Survey Sites

Looking to make some extra money from home? Then take a look at my complete list of survey sites.

I realised something just the other day. Whenever you search for survey sites on the internet, nearly all the results tell you the best companies to join. It’s actually quite difficult to find a list of average or poor survey sites. Although there’s probably a good reason for that, it hasn’t stopped me from compiling my own list of survey sites.

complete list of survey sites

Aren’t all survey sites the same?

Certainly not. With over 5 years of completing surveys, I have found some real gems and some real stinkers. Find a survey site that you enjoy and pays well, it can be a great source of extra income.

But other bloggers swear by some of your bad sites

For those of you not aware, there are companies out there that pay fairly generous affiliate commission. So, if I convince you to join a site, I’ll earn myself £2 and who cares if you actually like the site or not?

The fact is, these are generally (but not always) the worst survey sites. All my reviews are based purely on my genuine experience with them and I never take into account any referral fees I might receive.

Complete list of survey sites

Just click on the title to visit my full review of any site.

AttaPoll – plenty of surveys for your mobile. Average rates of pay.

Branded Surveys – decent pay, plenty of surveys and bonus money available.

CashKarma – one of the worst paying sites. Ever. Just avoid.

Crowdology – badly paid surveys and very trigger-happy when it comes to cancelling accounts.

CuriousCat – a survey site for your phone. A genuine mixture of good and poor paying surveys. Be picky.

InboxPounds – Poor paying surveys and they seem more interested in getting you to sign-up to trials.

IntelliZoom – not strictly a survey site, but I’m sneaking this in. A great earner.

i-Say – average rates of pay but chances to win prizes and test products.

LifePoints – a habit of cancelling accounts. Not particular generous with rewards either.

Maximiles – very average, but still worth considering.

MOBROG – a survey site for your phone. Average paying with a few too many disqualifications.

MySurvey – Nothing positive to say about this site!

newvista – a slow earner but pays quiet well.

OhMyDosh – doesn’t focus just on surveys… just as well as they pay poorly.

OneOpinion – an average money-maker. Worth joining if you have a bit of spare time.

OnePoll – short surveys but decent pay. Great for busy people.

OnePulse – very short surveys from your phone and very well paid.

OpinionOutpost – average pay if you stick to the shorter surveys.

Panelbase – decent pay and sometimes a chance to test products.

PopulusLive – one of the best paid survey sites, although you receive a limited number.

Prolific Academic – probably the best survey site out there. Interesting and pays well.

PrizeRebel – average pay and can become a little frustrating as you’re bounced around surveys.

Qmee – earn from your phone or computer. Decent pay and plenty of surveys.

SurveyRewardz – you’ll spend too long looking for surveys. Not worth the time.

Swagbucks – not exclusively a survey site but can be a decent earner.

Testable Minds – well paid but can be tricky to find surveys.

Toluna – a former product testing site that now just pays poorly.

Valued Opinions – surveys pay well, although you’re charged for claiming gift cards.

YouGov – interesting surveys and decent rates of pay.

YourSayPays – decent amount paid, but can take a while to reach the minimum threshold.

ySense – a good rate of pay but it’s a pain finding surveys.

Well, that’s my list of survey sites. If you can’t be bothered to click through them all, why not take a look at my top 10 list of the best paid survey sites?

Or why not see if you can actually make a full-time living from survey sites?

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